Iranian Company for Maize Development

About us

For nearly four decades, we, as a private company, have been at the forefront of corn development in Iran. Our most important asset is the trust of Iranian farmers. This capital has been created in the shadow of continuous and honest business activity. While paying attention to the latest knowledge and skill of experts with experience in corn production, we have tried to develop the production of this strategic product by using new corn seed processing equipment. Years of innovation have led us to receive the Corn Hybrid Seed (KSC 703) production and sales score from the Seed and Plant Research Improvement Institute. In order to complete the company’s product portfolio, a collection of rare varieties of foreign origin and appropriate to the country’s climate is also produced in the company. With the establishment of advanced seed processing plants in Kermanshah, we have taken an important step in improving the quality of domestic seed production. For this purpose, product quality is controlled in the company’s specialized laboratories. In order to optimally produce, process, prepare and package the seeds, modern pesticides and advanced technology are used. To enter global markets and to maintain and upgrade corn seed production standards, we have received a certificate (OECD) from the Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Research Institute.

History of the company

Our company was established in 1982 with the aim of trying to increase the cultivation and production of corn and other herbaceous plants. In this regard, in the first step, the expansion of cultivation area through mechanized cultivation has been considered. In the second step, after the relative stabilization of the area of cultivation, the improvement of seed quality was targeted by focusing on reducing the moisture of the produced seed, through the construction of a mechanized dryer plant. In the third step, increasing the diversity of cultivars available in the country’s market for exploitation in different climates of the country was considered. Now, in the fourth step, the qualitative development of seeds is underway by increasing the quality of seed processing, high purity, the use of new pesticides and quality packaging. Our company is proud to have played an important role in the development of corn cultivation in the country, relying on the technical knowledge of managers and the skill of experts.

Main mission

One of the most important missions we have defined for ourselves is to be a pioneer in the country’s corn seed industry by undertaking research and development to introduce new cultivars of domestic and foreign origin with desirable traits and higher yields. Iranian Company for Maize Development is constantly innovating and efforts to introduce new cultivars will never end. Therefore, every year, part of the company’s revenue is spent on research and development to register and certify new cultivars and improve the quality of seeds produced. Advanced dryer equipment and tens of thousands of square meters of mechanized cold storage allow the processing and packaging of more than 7,500 tons of high-purity seeds in various sizes in accordance with national standards. Our company has branches in the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, Kermanshah and Ilam, covering all corn-producing areas of the country. Corn Development Corporation is always ready to provide educational and technical services to maintain and develop trade and scientific relations with its customers.


Given the scarcity of water resources, climatic conditions and the potential for corn production in the country, our first priority is to understand the challenges ahead and sustainable strategies to increase corn yield by drawing up strategic plans to achieve these goals. The company’s long-term vision as a dedicated seed producer is to expand the scope of its activities to produce a wide range of forage plant seeds, especially supporting fall forage plants to meet the country’s growing demand for animal protein and healthier diets.

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