Our company was established in 1982 with the aim of trying to increase the cultivation and production of corn and other herbaceous plants. In this regard, in the first step, the expansion of cultivation area through mechanized cultivation has been considered. In the second step, after the relative stabilization of the area of cultivation, the improvement of seed quality was targeted by focusing on reducing the moisture of the produced seed, through the construction of a mechanized dryer plant.

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Pioneer in Development

For the past four decades our company has been a leader in providing services and receiving satisfaction from Iranian corn producers based on the latest scientific knowledge and expertise skill in the production of corn using new innovative technological equipment for producing corn in the country.

Variation of Cultivars

The company is producing a variety of high standard, new cultivars with enhanced quality and high yield potential from internal and external sources that fit the needs and weather conditions of the country in a continuing attempt to introduce new cultivars.

Quality of Products

The company has led the way in the establishment of the most advanced corn producing factories and specialized laboratories along with production and packaging of corn using latest equipment, new pesticides and the most innovative technologies that have been certificated by OECD.

Innovation and Creativity

The company has led the way in understanding the new challenges and searching for solutions for increasing the quality of corn through leadership programs and introducing new cultivars with good qualities and more efficiency based on insufficient water resources and the potential for increasing corn production in Iran.

What are our services?

Iranian Company for Maize Development offers a full range of products and services in the field of corn production and development. Our products include a variety of corn grains and forage in accord with internal and external sources and high efficiency that fit with the different kinds of weather and soil conditions in the country. Along with supplying the needs of the country for maize production of corn grain and silage with modern packaging to maintain better quality is also one of the products of the company. Another service we offer is providing the powder of corncob for different uses such as medicine, hygienic, industrial as well as providing seed processing services for other kinds of crops.

What are our goals?

one of the most important goals of our company is offering the products with the best possible quality.  For this purpose, in the seed processing factory in Kermanshah, a laboratory equipped with the newest equipment and scientific specialists is now available. This laboratory gives our staff the capacity to measure/evaluate the quality of the processed seeds in different stages of production. One of our important achievements with the help of advanced specialized and capable expertise is the usage of effective seed treatments and the precise evaluation of their efficiency. In this regard, and in accordance with the latest achievements in the world, the seed treatment using the Celest® and Maxim® XL fungicide and the CRUISER® insecticide for our processed seed by the company is now available. According to our laboratory research, the treatments performed on the seeds provide the resistance of our company’s corn cultivars to different types of pests in soil as well as resistance to the sucking insects that are carrier of viral disease.

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